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Imsupex Bangladesh Limited is a renowned Export and Import company of Bangladesh.

Featured Product

Sesame Seeds

SS-01 | Sesame Seeds

Sesame oil is also rich in oleic acid, the major constituent of olive oil.


IBL-CF-01 | Cauliflower-01

Bangladeshi Cauliflower


PFG | Pet-Flakes-Green

We are one of the reputed Pet-Flakes exporter from Bangladesh.

Bagda Shrimp

BS-01 | Bagda Shrimp

Famous Bagda Shrimp

Valencia Orange

VO-01 | Valencia Orange

Our another imported item is Valencia Orange from China.

Famous Bangladeshi jute yarn

01 | Famous Bangladeshi jute yarn

Bangladesh is famous for her wonderfully golden jute yarn. And we carry out these famous yarn to your reach from Bangladesh.

Ruhi Fish

RF-01 | Ruhi Fish

Bangladeshi Ruhi Fish

Jute Bag

Jute Bag-02 | Jute Bag

Famous Bangladeshi Jute Bag

Famous Bangladeshi jute yarn

jt-06 | Famous Bangladeshi jute yarn

another image of our wonderful jute yarn

jute cloth

jc-01 | jute cloth

Bangladesh is famous for her finnest jute cloth.

Bitter Gourd

BG-01 | Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd of Bangladesh is a very popular export item.

String Bean

SB-01 | String Bean

String Bean of Bangladesh is an another very popular export item.

Handmade jute bag

jb-01 | Handmade jute bag

Handmade jute bags of Bangladesh are famous in the world.

Granola Potato

GP-01 | Granola Potato

Granola Potao is a medium late, yellow , round and Ware variety of potato.

Pangash Fish

PF-01 | Pangash Fish

Pangash Fish

Diamond Potato

DP-01 | Diamond Potato

Diamond is a medium to early maturing variety of potatoes.


T-01 | Tilapia

Tilapia Fish

Cardinal Potato

CP-01 | Cardinal Potato

Cardinal is a red-skinned potato with an excellent yield.

Half-cut & Nose-cut Cars-01

12345 | Half-cut & Nose-cut Cars-01

Half-cut & Nose-cut Cars

Crushed Cow-Bone-01

CB-01 | Crushed Cow-Bone-01

Crushed Bones (SRM Free degreased Crushed Bone): The quality of our Cattle crushed-bone is free from SRM. Our products are processed under our own strong supervision. The crushed bones are available in different sizes as 3/8", 5/8" and 3/4 inch.


PFW | Pet-Flakes-White

We are one of the reputed Pet-Flakes exporter from Bangladesh.


PFB | Pet-Flakes-Brown

We are one of the reputed Pet-Flakes exporter from Bangladesh.

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IBL-CF-01 | Cauliflower-01 Vegetables Export
Jute Bag-02 | Jute Bag Jute Diversified products
SS-01 | Sesame Seeds Seeds Export
Cattle Crushed-Bone
PET Flakes